A really big thanks for the help with the garage. I dont know what I would've done without your help.


ghps-007-e1386133370333Goulding Hill Preschool has used the services of FLECK RUBBISH REMOVALS for at least 4 years.

They came highly recommended and have always professionally removed our hard rubbish at a convenient time that didn’t interrupt the running of our centre.

We have also used their services to annually replenish our sand pit.  This involves the removal of existing sand, purchasing new clean sand and refilling our sandpit.

Luckily for us, they have their own excavating equipment.  Last year we needed a mud pit established in an awkward area of our backyard.  In consultation with Glen Flecknoe, owner/manager, our mud pit is now fully functional.

They have always taken into consideration that our children need to be protected at all times and we will continue to use their services.

Deb Elliott
Goulding Hill Preschool
20th March 2015




This is a job for...... FLECK RUBBISH

Thank you to Ashstripes for sign writing the new truck!! It is on the road and ready for business!!

Another satisfied customer for Fleck Rubbish!! Well done Josh

Massive thank you to Jamey and Josh of Fleck for helping us today. Everyone please head over to their page and give them your support and a like because they went above and beyond the call!

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